Now you can quickly and easily generate a custom glycerol stock shRNA or over-expression library online.

We’ve expanded our online Cherry-pick Library Plater tool to make ordering shRNA and over-expression reagents for multiple genes faster, easier, and more cost effective; just like you’ve come to expect with our synthetic RNAi reagents.

What reagents are available?

The following reagents are available for human and mouse:

  • cDNA: Mammalian Genome Collection (MGC)
  • ORF: Precision LentiORF, CCSB-Broad Lentiviral ORF, hORFeome v8.1, ORFeome Collaboration Collection, and CCSB hORFeome v5.1

How are the libraries created?

The gene list you enter into the tool is searched within the product you select (shRNA, cDNA, or ORF). All available clones for the genes and species you enter are shown, simply pick the ones you want (minimum of 20 clones) and we’ll do the rest!

Input your gene list today and create your custom collection! »

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