Longest RNA molecules synthetically possible, with virtually any chemical modification!

Since the earliest days of Dharmacon, we have been leaders in synthetic RNA chemistry. So much so that we were awarded U.S. Patent No. 6,590,093 for our proprietary 2'-ACE chemistry for the production of synthetic RNA.

Specifically, the patent describes a class of novel orthoester protecting groups (bis-ethylene glycol monoacetatemethyl orthoester) for chemical RNA oligonucleotide synthesis. These protecting groups are a key component in Dharmacon's 5'silyl-2'-orthoester chemical strategy, also known as 2'-ACE, which provides an easy, robust and dependable process for RNA oligo synthesis. The orthoester group serves to protect the RNA to minimize degradation during handling, purification, analysis and shipping. RNA oligos produced using this orthoester group for protection and subsequent deprotection show no degradation or detectable impurities.

What does this chemistry geek-speak (we say that proudly) mean for our customers? Simply put, its 2'-ACE chemistry allows:

  • very long RNA (100 bases and more!)
  • highest yield per scale, you get more for your money compared to other suppliers!

We are capable of RNA oligonucleotides highly modified with virtually any chemical modification. We can even synthesize transfer RNAs (tRNAs) with natural modifications found in tRNAs such as pseudouridine, m2A, and m2G, (see the RNA modification database).

We offer many 20 chemical modifications online, and if you don't see what you want – just call us! We can make many more, and we love a challenge!

Since 1995, Dharmacon continues to support your RNA research with the highest quality synthetic RNA products available anywhere!

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