Resources for proper handling, resuspension and quantification of your synthetic RNA

How do I convert nmol to µg? Do I use a different buffer for resuspension of single-strand RNA than for siRNA? These and other questions can be answered with our newly updated resources for proper handling and resuspension of RNA.

When you order Dharmacon synthetic RNAs, including siRNA, crRNA and tracrRNA, or microRNA mimics and inhibitors, the product arrives as a dried pellet, which must be resuspended before use. One of the most common questions that comes in to our technical support team is: What is the correct way to handle the siRNA that has just arrived? It’s a good question to ask if you’re uncertain, given that improper resuspension techniques can lead to inaccuracies which may have negative effects on your downstream experiments.

We have a number of resources to help you properly resuspend and quantitate your RNA solution before using it in an experiment. These include a protocol as well as a helpful video where we review tips and tricks for optimal resuspension, the necessary calculations needed to accurately determine concentration of the resulting siRNA solution, recommendations for proper short and long-term storage, and some helpful FAQs. Each species of RNA will have its own optimal buffer(s), and/or molecular weight conversions, etc.; for additional resources for RNAs other than siRNA, please contact Technical Support.

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