Build plates containing just the siRNA and microRNA reagents you want

We have developed an online tool to make ordering RNAi reagents for several genes easier, more flexible and cost effective – the Cherry-pick RNAi Library Plater.

Q. What are Cherry-pick Libraries?

A. Cherry-pick RNAi Libraries are siRNA and microRNA reagents and controls plated to your specifications. They are an ideal solution for RNAi experiments designed to investigate a gene family or target gene list not currently available as a predesigned siRNA or microRNA library. Our new online Cherry-pick Library Plater makes it fast and easy!

Q. What are the advantages of using Cherry-pick libraries?

A. Flexibility!

  • You can mix and match product lines, species and formats!
  • You design the layout of your library in almost any 96-well format, including controls and empty wells.
  • Easy online configuration; pricing is calculated automatically – no quoting required!

Q. OK, I want to try it. How do I use the Cherry-pick Library Plater?

A. Simple!

  1. Load your gene identifiers to find the products that fit.
  2. Review the products, and select the ones you want (you need to fill at least 20 wells).
  3. Configure the layout of your plate, and don't forget to add controls!
  4. Place your order.

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