Seven years of top innovation

Edit-R all-in-one lentiviral sgRNA was recently named one of the Top 10 Innovations of 2019 by The Scientist magazine. This marks seven consecutive years that a Horizon Discovery technology has been honored. We at Horizon are proud to continue to develop useful and innovative products to support research and drug discovery. Here we review the last seven years of award-winning products.

The Scientist top 10 innovations

Edit-R all-in-one lentiviral sgRNA – Top 10 Innovations of 2019

Fast-track gene edits by combining sgRNA and Cas9 nuclease expression into a single vector for simplified delivery.

Edit-R Fluorescent Cas9 nuclease mRNA – Top 10 Innovations of 2018

Purified Cas9 nuclease mRNA for co-transfection with synthetic guide RNA for a completely DNA-free genome engineering system. The fluorescent reporter enables FACS enrichment of edited cell populations. 

Genome-wide CRISPR screening platform created using the Edit-R algorithm to provide optimal functional knockout and minimize off-target effects. Chemically modified to resist nuclease degradation for improved editing efficiency. The one-well-per-gene format empowers high throughput screening, even for assays with subtle phenotypic effects. Available as individual guides or as arrayed libraries.

Turbo GFP Tagged HAP1 Cells* – Top 10 Innovations of 2016

Endogenous pathway tag and reporter cell lines allow researchers a much higher level of confidence that their experimental results accurately reflect the changes seen in real disease biology.

On Demand Deletions in Human Hap1 Cells* – Top 10 Innovations of 2015

Custom-made cell lines with specific made-to-order genomic deletions.

HAP1 Knock-Out Cell LinesTop 10 Innovations of 2014

One cell background, multiple applications. Choose from over 7,500 knockout models, suitable for over 30 common applications and used in 100+ peer-reviewed publications such as Nature, Journal of Cell Science, Cell Reports, and many more!

X-MAN reporter kits* – Top 10 Innovations of 2013

The X-MAN reporter kits are engineered cell lines with built-in reporter constructs. This eliminates the need to treat cells with reporter-bearing plasmids, which can introduce multiple copies of the gene of interest or its promoter. Researchers can use these kits to visualize protein expression, examine protein interactions, or even to purify the protein.

*Now available as part of Horizon’s custom cell line engineering service.