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And the winner is…!

Every year since 2007, The Scientist Magazine gets hundreds (thousands?) of nominations for their Top 10 Innovations Award. Their goal is to recognize cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to dramatically change, and improve, life science research. Over the years, this recognition has spanned instruments to reagent kits and everything in between.

This year’s winners

One of the 10 awards this year went to Edit-R™ Fluorescent Cas9 nuclease mRNA – a DNA-free source of Cas9 for CRISPR gene editing that co-expresses either mKate2 or EGFP. This enables researchers to perform genome engineering experiments in a completely DNA-free manner while still retaining the ability to enrich for transfected, and therefore edited, cells in a population.

Four key benefits to using fluorescent Cas9 mRNA

  1. Fluorescent Cas9 mRNA enables enrichment of an edited cell population, either knockout or knock-in, without exogenous DNA or lentivirus.
  2. A DNA-free system (Cas9 mRNA and synthetic guide RNA) eliminates the possibility of incorporating unwanted, exogenous DNA into the host cell line genome
  3. Compatible with transfection or electroporation delivery approaches
  4. Transient expression of Cas9 nuclease may reduce off-targeting

A history of innovation

Horizon Discovery and Dharmacon products have been fortunate to be recognized for our ongoing dedication to continued innovations and improvements for the research community.


The Scientist Top 10 Award Winner


On-demand deletions in human HAP1 cells


Horizon Turbo GFP-tagged HAP1 cells


Edit-R crRNA arrayed Library—Human Genome (now available in a convenient single guide format - sgRNA)


Edit-R Fluorescent Cas9 nuclease mRNA

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