Welcome to the newest version of our SMARTvector shRNA products

The SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA and SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNAcollections are completely updated with all new designs from our newest and most powerful shRNA design algorithm to date! We’ve improved our algorithm and trained it on endogenous knockdown data to ensure you will get stronger and more consistent knockdown in your cells while minimizing off-target effects and toxicity.

Some of the biggest updates include:

  • All SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNAs and SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNAs targeting protein coding genes are now guaranteed to work!*
  • The constitutive vector now contains an option without a fluorescent reporter and is also available in an ultra-high titer format of 5 x 109 TU/mL (± 20%)
  • Depth of coverage has been increased to have up to 10 shRNA designs per gene (including lncRNAs) for the human, mouse, and rat genomes using the newest Dharmacon shRNA design algorithm.

As part of our SMARTchoice suite of products, SMARTvector shRNAs give you an incredible amount of control over your knockdown experiments. You are able to select from seven constitutive and four inducible promoters, two fluorophores (tGFP or tRFP) or a no-reporter option. All products are delivered as purified, concentrated, and functionally-titered lentiviral particles!

*When you purchase a minimum of three SMARTvector or SMARTvector Inducible lentiviral shRNAs shRNAs to the same target using the optimal SMARTchoice promoter for your cell type, at least one of the shRNA constructs will reduce target mRNA levels by 70% or more when used with the vector matched non-targeting control and GAPD or PPIB positive control. Optimal promoters should be determined with the SMARTchoice promoter selection plate or the SMARTchoice inducible control 4-pack, as appropriate. Applies only to SMARTvector designs with catalog number V3S*xxxx targeting protein coding genes.

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