siSTABLE controls are specially modified for nuclease resistance, and are recommended for use with custom siRNA synthesized with the siSTABLE modification. Control siRNAs for commonly used reporter systems (GFP, Luciferase, etc.) have been experimentally validated for functionality, and the TOX transfection control can induce cell death for use as a positive control in viability studies.

Choose from siSTABLE-modified controls, siRNA for silencing reporter genes (GFP, Luciferase, etc.) or other experimental needs.

Reporter Gene Control Reagents Species Catalog Number
Anti-Luc siRNA-1 N/A D-002050-01
Anti-ß-Gal siRNA-1 N/A D-002000-01
GFP Duplex I N/A P-002048-01
Luciferase Duplex N/A P-002099-01
Luciferase GL2 Duplex N/A D-001100-01
Luciferase GL3 Duplex N/A D-001400-01
RLuc Duplex N/A P-002070-01
siSTABLE Control Reagents Species Catalog Number
siSTABLE Cyclophilin B siRNA Human D-001710-02
siSTABLE Cyclophilin B siRNA Mouse D-001710-03
siSTABLE GAPD siRNA Mouse D-001720-03
siSTABLE Non-Targeting siRNA Human, Mouse, Rat D-001700-01
Other Positive Control Reagents Species Catalog Number
siGLO Lamin A/C siRNA (human/mouse/rat) Human, Mouse, Rat D-001620-01
TOX Transfection Control Human, Mouse, Rat D-001500-01