Use CRISPR with Confidence! Reagents you can trust for your gene editing experiments.

All predesigned Edit-R™ guide RNAs are fully guaranteed to edit the gene they target, ensuring the highest likelihood of a successful knockout experiment.

Our unique guide design algorithm was designed to focus on functional protein knockout while minimizing any potential off-target effects.

Edit-R guide RNAs are guaranteed to edit

The effectiveness of a functional protein knockout for your genes of interest depends greatly on the editing efficiency of your guide RNAs. 

This guarantee has no restrictions on the format or source of your Cas9 nuclease, what type of analysis you perform, or how many guide RNAs you purchase. If the Edit-R positive control worked and your gene-specific guide RNA does not yield an edit, the guide will be replaced.

Designing better guides improves editing efficiency

Gene editing occurs when CRISPR-Cas9 reagents cause a double stranded break and the cell imperfectly repairs that double strand break to cause insertions and deletions which can disrupt protein function.

All predesigned Edit-R synthetic crRNAs, and lentiviral sgRNAs are derived using our bioinformatic CRISPR design tool. This algorithm designs guide RNAs that are highly specific to minimize off-target cutting events, while simultaneously targeting regions that efficiently produce functional gene knockouts, not just an indel at the target site.

The tool then ranks predesigned guide RNAs based on a functionality score to provide you with the best opportunity to produce a functional knockout.

Horizon Discovery’s CRISPR Design tool
CRISPR Design Tool 

Using guide RNAs that have been designed to focus on highly-gene specific, functional protein knockout allows researchers to apply editing techniques with confidence.

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