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Expert research services to accelerate your pre-clinical drug development pipeline

Are your labs operating at reduced capacity?

Improve velocity in your research pipeline with Horizon

Horizon's contract research services can serve as an outsourcing solution to maintain your research capacity, without the need to retrofit lab space to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Our dedicated teams of experienced PhD scientists deliver accurate results within well-defined timelines to ensure your drug development program remains on schedule through these challenging times.

We have the capacity to start your project without delay! Contact us to discuss how our cell line engineering, functional genomic or cell panel screening, or custom RNA synthesis services can support your research.

Why partner with Horizon?

Scale up research capacity without increasing overhead

Investing in new lab resources and personnel requires significant time, money and effort.

De-risk your research budget by delaying investment until your compound is further along the development pipeline.

Facilitate your budget planning

Avoid cost surprises with prearranged pricing based on your project needs.

Ensure budget control as all project spending is managed by a dedicated project management team.

Have confidence in your data

Leverage Horizon's expertise in cell line engineering, high-throughput screening or RNA synthesis for your drug development pipeline.

Work with our teams of PhD scientists - with more than 10 years experience in target identification, target validation, compound screening, immune cell-based assays, and more.

Ensure you meet IND filing and critical business deadlines

Our contract services teams have a proven record of delivering accurate results within well defined timelines.

Partners receive regular progress updates and straightforward communication regarding the status of the project.

Cell line engineering with Horizon Discovery


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Functional genomic screening

Identify potential therapeutic targets and biomarkers

High throughput CRISPR and RNAi based screening available in pooled or arrayed formats.

Cell panel screening

Identify cells or that will be most responsive to your therapeutic

Screen your compound in over 300 cell lines using 2D or 3D models - spheroids or organoids.

Immune cell-based assay screening

Fully compatible with any CRISPR or RNAi screening project

Cytotoxicity assays, immune suppression assays, and T cell proliferation assays.

Custom RNA synthesis

For unique, long or chemically modified oligo synthesis

Design and order long or custom modified RNA oligonucleotides. Individual oligos or libraries - at the scale and purity you require.

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Your trusted partner for contract research services

Learn more about all of our service offerings, including functional genomic screening, cell panel screening, immunology screening, cell line engineering and custom oligo synthesis.


Additional information

Learn more about our cell line engineering and screening services, including options for working in primary human immune cells.

Cell panel vs. functional genomic screens for drug discovery

Simply put, screening is a numbers game. Learn about the applications and benefits of our cell panel and functional genomic screening services in this blog article.

CRISPR screening in primary T cells

Our dedicated immune cell screening team demonstrates a pooled CRISPR knockout screen in primary human T cells. Read the blog to learn more, or contact us about immune cell screening services.

Using 3D tumor models for high-throughput screening

See how our robust and reproducible organoid-based 3D drug panel screening assays are advancing the path from research to therapy.