Analyze your candidate therapeutics with Horizon's OncoSignature™ cell panel screening services – Screen potential drugs or biologics across a bank of up to 300 standard cancer cell lines in 2D or 3D spheroid formats.
Or design your own custom cell based assay with guidance from our expert screening team.

OncoSignature™ standard drug screening service

Identify cells that respond to your therapeutics.

Screen compounds in up to 300 standard cancer cell lines in 2D or 3D formats with OncoSignature. Single agent or combination drug screening available.

Custom screening services

Create your own screen specifications. 

Benefit from our experience with combination therapeutic screens in complex or different disease type cells.


Benchmark your compound activity Compare activity profiles of 200 oncology focused standard-of-care drugs, emerging therapeutics, and targeted probes across 150 cell lines.

Organoid screening in 3D

See the benefits of using 3D systems to mimic tumor microenvironments.

Horizon cell panel screening

Helping you from target validation to phase 1 trials

Learn more about our OncoSignature™ and custom cell panel services.