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Cell line engineering services

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Trusted expertise and proven technology

Creating your own CRISPR-Cas9 edited cell line can require significant investment in both lab and human resources. We offer a reliable and affordable solution, allowing you to focus on the most critical aspects of your research project.
Partner with Horizon for nearly any edit, in any cell line.

Design your cell line

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Use our intelligent cell line configurator tool to design a cell line based on YOUR specific project needs! Simply enter your modification type, gene, and cell line specifics.

Knockouts – delivered in as few as 12 weeks

 Price from
 Standard Deliverables
 Standard knockout


 Invoice on delivery
  • Up to 2 sequence verified biallelic knockout clones
  • Parental cell line
  • Screening of up to 400 clones
  • Mycoplasma and sterility testing
  • Summary project report
  • Functional verification of activity (for Cas9 stable projects)
 Double knockout  £15,000
 Single knockout clones included
 Cas9-expressing stable  £3,250
 Pooled or clonal format
 Knockout project requirements: Gene copy number ≤2N, cell line doubling time ≤60h, non-essential gene

 Knock-ins – delivered in as few as 14 weeks

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) knock-in  £9,950
  • Invoice on delivery
  • Customer defined zygosity requirements at additional cost
  • Up to 2 sequence verified biallelic knock-in clones
  • Parental cell line
  • Screening of up to 400 clones
  • Mycoplasma and sterility testing
  • Summary project report
  • Functional verification of activity (for reporter knock-in projects)

 Tag knock-in

  • His, FLAG, or Myc tag options
  • Defined N-term or C-term insert location
 Reporter knock-in  £12,800
  • GFP, RFP, EGFP, ERFP, EYFP, EOFP or customer defined fluorophore
  • HiBit, LgBit, or NanoLUC insertions
  • Defined N-term or C-term insert location

 Unique projects – delivered in as few as 12 weeks

 iPSC editing  £12,800
  • Rely on our vast knowledge and expertise
  • Zero fees for onboarding customer provided cell lines
  • Fully supported standard knockout / in (SNP, tag or reporter)
  • Alkaline phosphatase standard
Don't see an option that fits your needs? For any complex engineering project, contact us for pricing and timelines. We can perform nearly any edit in any cell line.

Project workflow

Cell line engineering project workflow
  • Submit your request via the online Cell Line Configurator Tool or your local Business Development partner.
  • Our expert technical team will review your project requirements.
  • Your project manager will promptly provide a statement of work outlining timelines and approval process.
  • Once approved, the project will be initiated by our highly-qualified cell line engineering team.
  • Throughout the manufacturing process you will receive monthly updates from our Project Management Office.*
  • Once the project is complete, we provide a full project report and confirm shipping details.

*All customers receive project initiation and status updates outlining the on-time progress of their project. Customers will also have the ability to email queries. If there are any delays, this will be handled by a project manager. A dedicated project manager will be provided for projects with 10+ cell lines.

Manufacturing Workflow

Cell line engineering manufacturing workflow
  • Customers can choose to provide an in-house cell line at no additional charge. During the onboarding process, we perform mycoplasma and sterility testing, as well as assess transfectability and single cell dilution growth characteristics.
  • In parallel with the cell line assessment phase, we also design and evaluate reagents to be used in the manufacturing process.
  • During the cell line engineering phase, our team performs the desired edit(s) defined in the statement of work. Throughout the process, our Project Management team provides regular updates and will contact you immediately if any issue or complication should arise during the manufacturing process.
  • After manufacturing is complete, the cell line is validated for the desired edit. As standard, we validate at the genomic level with Sanger sequencing and for our reporter cell lines we provide a functional readout that verifies reporter expression.