With both 5’ and 3’ UTRs removed, open reading frames (ORFs) provide a shortcut to protein expression. Choose from Gateway or expression-ready ORF collections.

  • Precision LentiORFs
    Precision LentiORFs are expression-ready open reading frames (ORFs) that have been cloned into a lentiviral expression vector with a GFP reporter.
  • CCSB Human ORFeome
    This Gateway adapted human ORF collection is ideal for easily moving thousands of open reading frames into your choice of protein expression systems.
  • CCSB-Broad Lentiviral Expression Library
    A genome-scale library of human ORFS in a lentiviral vector, stop codons have been removed and clones contain a C-terminal V5 tag.
  • ORFeome Collaboration Collection
    These clones are fully-sequenced ORFs in Gateway™ recombinational entry vectors. OC clones are available with and without stop codons.
  • Human ORFeome V8.1 Library
    This fully-sequenced collection of Gateway-adapted ORFs represents the latest version of the CCSB Human ORFeome library from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  • Cherry-pick Clone Libraries
    Choose from our predesigned product lines of shRNA and over-expression reagents to build your own custom library.