Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a powerful model for understanding genetic regulation in eukaryotic cells. Dharmacon yeast resources include multiple collections for interrogating the yeast genome, including Tagged ORFs, Kockout Strains, Protein-Protein Interaction Collections and Mutant Strains and Screening Collections.

Browse our list of yeast resources including Yeast Knockout strains, Tagged-ORF strains, Genomic DNA, cDNA libraries, and additional collections.

Tagged ORFs

  • Yeast ORFs

    Individual gateway-adapted yeast ORFs from the Yeast ORF collection.

  • Yeast ORF Collection

    The Yeast ORF collection consists of Gateway-adapted yeast ORFs cloned into expression plasmids. ORFs can be expressed as fusion proteins or moved to other vectors.

  • Yeast YFP Fusion Kinase Collection

    The Yeast Kinase YFP Fusion collection contains a number of kinase genes that have been cloned with a C-terminal YFP tag and promoter region into a Gateway-entry vector.

  • Yeast TAP Tagged ORFs

    Individual yeast-TAP Tagged ORFs.

  • Yeast TAP Tagged ORF collection

    Yeast-TAP Tagged ORF library allows the purification and the selection of the yeast proteome and associated components using two affinity selection steps in tandem.

  • Molecular Barcoded Yeast (MoBY) ORF Collection

    The Molecular Barcoded Yeast (MoBY) ORF library was designed to identify genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that confer drug resistance when mutated, providing a tool for identifying drug-resistant mutations in yeast.

  • Yeast GST-tagged ORFs

    Individual Yeast GST-tagged ORFs.

  • Yeast GST-tagged ORF collection

    The Yeast GST-tagged ORFs are a a collection of more than 5,000 yeast strains that each overexpresses a different yeast open reading frame (ORF) when induced with galactose.

  • Yeast HA Tag Collection

    The Yeast HA-Tagged Collection contains mutagenized yeast strains with triple hemagglutinin (HA) epitope tags, useful for immunolocalization, immunoprecipitation, and analysis of binding sites.

  • Yeast Barcoder Collection

    The Yeast Barcoder Collection is a set of approximately 1,400 donor strains with unique DNA sequence tags (barcodes) that can be systematically transferred to any S. cerevisiae collection.

Knockout Strains

Protein-Protein Interaction Collections

  • Yeast Protein Interactome Collection

    The Yeast Protein Interactome Collection allows for genome-wide in vivo screening of protein-protein interactions (PPI) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

  • Yeast Cross and Capture System

    The Yeast Cross and Capture system is designed to examine protein-protein interactions and protein modifications using 6xHIS and VSV tagged haploid yeast strains.

Mutant Strains and Screening Collections

  • Yeast Insertional Mutants

    Individual Yeast Insertional Mutants.

  • Yeast Insertional Mutant Collection

    The Yeast Insertional Mutant collection contains a set of over 3,600 gene disruption mutants for phenotypic analysis.

  • Yeast Synthetic Histone Collection

    Systematic mutations have been engineered into the Yeast Synthetic Histone h6 and h6 mutants in order to elucidate nucleosome functionality.

  • Yeast Genomic Tiling Collection

    Designed to facilitate comprehensive overexpression screens, the Yeast Genomic Tiling Collection contains the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) genome in a 2 micron-based LEU2 vector.

  • Yeast DAmPs

    Individual Yeast Decreased Abundance by mRNA Perturbation (DAmP).

  • Yeast DAmP Collection

    Reduce mRNA levels of essential yeast genes by four- to ten-fold with the Decreased Abundance by mRNA Perturbation (DAmP) Yeast Library.