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Cancer fusion genes are hybrid genes that produce abnormal proteins believed to catalyze further cancer growth and increase invasiveness. Here we highlight novel research using CRISPR gene editing to specifically target cancer fusion genes, which could offer many potential therapeutic applications.

The cellular DNA damage response (DDR) is an essential safeguard against cancer. Upon activation, the DDR can limit tumor progression at the early stages by inducing senescence or cell death. When this defense fails tumors are able to develop. However, with time, tumors accumulate more mutations in DNA repair proteins as cancers progress. The efficiency of DDR plays an essential role in the effectivity of cytotoxic treatments. Currently much research is focused on identifying the DDR mechanisms involved in cancers and how these dysfunctional processes can be utilized against tumor growth.

In a paper published on Nature.com in Scientific Reports, Horizon Discovery have conducted a detailed analysis of CRISPR-Cas9 sensitivity (drop-out) screening to come up with a highly improved and optimized platform. In our analysis, we used a custom ultra-complex sgRNA library and capitalized on Horizon's streamlined screening pipeline to evaluate fundamental aspects of functional genomic screening.

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