One of the most extensive sets of yeast research tools available


Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a powerful model for understanding genetic regulation in eukaryotic cells. This humble fungus has been a key biological tool of humankind since the beginning. After all, yeast brings us delicious bread and beer! More recently, yeast became one of the first and most intensively studied genetic model systems at least in part due to its small size, rapid generation time and ease of biological manipulation. Studies in yeast have shed light on countless aspects of mammalian biology including meiosis, DNA recombination and repair, the cell cycle and cancer biology, aging, and gene functions. Yeast genetics is so important that it was the first eukaryotic genome to be entirely sequenced. 

How can we help you with yeast research studies?

We aim to provide yeast researchers with the best possible collection of tools for biological manipulations in yeast! Dharmacon yeast resources include multiple collections for interrogating the yeast genome, including Tagged ORFs, Kockout Strains, Protein-Protein Interaction Collections and Mutant Strains and Screening Collections.

ORFs and Tagged ORFs

Knockout Yeast Strains

Protein-Protein Interaction Collections

Mutant Strains and Screening Collections