Activity profiles of oncology focused standard-of-care drugs, emerging therapeutics, and targeted probes across 150 cell lines

OncoReference Data Set allows you to easily access single agent activity profiles of 200 oncology focused compounds screened across a panel of 150 cancer cell lines from 19 different indications.

Use The OncoReference Data Set to:

  • Compare the activity of your molecules to standard-of-care drugs and emerging therapeutics
  • Find responder and non-responder cell lines for your compound class
  • Select the right cell lines for your experiments

Compounds cover a wide range of mechanistic classes including apoptosis inducers, kinase inhibitors, DNA damage inducers and chromatin modulators.

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OncoReference Data Set includes
  • Activity Profiles: Single agent activity profiles of 200 oncology focused compounds
  • Cell Lines: 150 clinically relevant cancer cell lines from 19 indications
  • Dose Response Format: 10-point, 3-fold dilution series
  • Treatment Time: 72 hours
  • Readout: Growth Inhibition and Inhibition as measured by cell proliferation (ATP endpoint). Growth Inhibition readout allows for differentiation of cytostatic and cytotoxic response of compounds
You will receive
  • Dose response curves
  • IC50, GI50, EC50
  • Maximum response and more
  • Access to Chalice™ Viewer bioinformatics software
Compounds include cell line collection
  • Apoptosis Inducers
  • PI3K/mTOR/Akt Inhibitors
  • Proteosome Inhibitors
  • DNA Damage Response Agents
  • DNA Damage Inducers
  • Cell Cycle Inhibitors
  • Cytoskeletal Inhibitors
  • MAP Kinase Family Inhibitors
  • Protein Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
  • Chromatin Modulators
  • And more…