Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay

Compound screening by Mo-DC: T cell reactivity


High-throughput lymphocyte reaction assays take time, skilled scientists, and cutting-edge laboratory instrumentation. Partnering with our specialists for immunogenicity compound screening will help you progress quickly and make informed decisions for the next step of your project.


What is a Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Assay?

The MLR assay is a platform for testing compounds that modify the interaction between an antigen-presenting cell and T cells to activate, deactivate or repolarize the lymphocyte cell response. This assay allows testing the efficacy of immunotherapeutic, vaccines, and other immunomodulators. It also provides critical information for immunological responsiveness for drug safety.

Horizon's standard MLR assay

Our one-way MLR assay enables rapid identification of drugs that regulate T cell activation via allogenic monocyte-derived dendritic cells (Mo-DC). We test your biologics or small molecules at semi-automated high throughput screening in an immune in vitro microenvironment context.

Key advantages

  • Automated and reproducible 384-well high throughput assay.
  • Providing concise and robust quantitative data.
  • Highly enriched human primary T cells and Mo-DC from multiple donors to address donor-to-donor variability

Read-outs generated by experts

  • Multiple surface markers, cell proliferation and IFNγ release to clearly understand the immuno-modulatory profile of your drug candidates
  • Eight-point dose-response plus vehicle control including two control compounds

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Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay workflow

Send us your biologics or small molecules, and our proven method will analyze and interpret its effects on multiple endpoints from multiple allogeneic donors.

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