Developing a reliable immune cell-based assay takes significant investment in both scientific knowledge and optimization time. Immune cell-based screens also require precise and consistent handling for repeatable results, to avoid variations in assay performance and unreliable data.
Partner with Horizon to obtain a robust and reliable dataset for your assay. Leverage our immune cell expertise to reduce costs and avoid frustrations from inconsistent results due to cell type variability.

Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay

Rapidly identify agents that modulate APC-mediated T cell activation. Assay your biologics or small molecules as single agents or in combination.

  • T cell activation by monocyte derived dendritic cell assay
  • Optimized multiplex compound screening
  • Designed for biologics or small molecule drugs

CRISPR immune cell screens

Answer clinically relevant biological questions with gene editing and screening services in primary human immune cells.

  • Pooled and arrayed T cell screening
  • Arrayed B cell screening
  • Synthetic and lentiviral workflow options

Webinar: Gene modulation in primary immune cells

Can base editing move cancer cell therapy towards off-the-shelf treatments?

Learn about the roles autologous and allogeneic treatments will play in the future of cell-based immunotherapy.

Detecting proteins with confidence starts with antibody validation

Here we outline the key points.

CRISPR editing in T cells

Learn tips and considerations for successful CRISPR gene editing in primary human T cells.

CRISPR editing in monocytes

Learn about the importance of monocytes for future gene editing applications.