In the pursuit of groundbreaking drug discovery, primary immune cell screening stands as an indispensable tool for innovative and effective drug development. It can uncover novel drug targets, reveal disease mechanisms, prioritize targets while mitigating development risks, support mechanism of action studies, help unearth biomarkers, and explore the realm of immunotherapy.
As you advance your therapeutic candidates, utilize a rapid immune assessment service during your lead optimization that yields timely insights into immunological effects and guarantees safety, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance.
Developing reliable immune cell assays demands both expertise and time. Partner with us for robust data, bypass resource constraints, and leverage immune cell expertise and cutting-edge instrumentation to ensure your project's success.
Immune cell screen DD flow

Immune cell screen projects

Identify relevant genes by genomic CRISPRko screening  in primary human lymphocytes, with functional readouts

  • Design guides and identify genes relevant to your model 

  • Gather data from cell surface markers and protein release
  • Explore imaging and functional readouts at high throughput 
ImmuSignature DD flow

Compound screening by ImmuSignature assays

Swiftly evaluate the efficacy of lead therapeutics in immune cell-based environments using standardized compound screening assays.

  • Assess the immunological effects of drug candidates  

  • Ensure safety through immunotoxicity analysis 
  • Obtain dose-response data on proliferation or suppression in weeks 

Webinar: Strategies for rapid therapeutic screening in immune cells

Custom assay capabilities

Partner with our experts to tackle your complex immune cell projects.  

  • Increased efficiency for your workflow
  • Specialized access to skills and knowledge
  • Fully scalable and flexible to fit your needs

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Why exploring the epigenetics of T cell exhaustion through immune cell screening is so powerful

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What you need to know when submitting an Investigational New Drug application

With the requirement of thorough in vitro assays and high throughput screening technologies to ensure drug safety and efficacy, make sure you're fully ready for when you submit your IND application by assessing immunogenicity with an MLR assay