What the service includes

  • Screen up to 40 single agents or 12 combinations (as a standard offering)
  • Cytotoxicity determined by Metabolic-based readout measures ATP as an indicator of viability
  • Expert bioinformatics analyses available as an optional add-in

Custom screening service

Consult with your dedicated project team to define project scope:

  • Select standard or genetically modified cancer cell lines or send us your cell lines
  • Choose from a range of end-point assays
  • Opt for OncoReference data set to aid with cell line selection

Overview: OncoSignature 2D and 3D screening services

Article: 3D models in cell panel screens

Read how cell panel screening in 3D models can help predict which patient populations might be most responsive to a candidate therapeutic.

Podcast: 3D cell models push drug discovery screening into high gear

Learn why cell panel screening using 3D cell models is crucial to drug discovery success. David Sorrell provides scientific insight into the benefits of our 3D cell panel screening service.

Poster: Screening beyond 2D assays

See the benefits of cell panel screening across 200 cell lines using 3D systems to mimic tumor microenvironments.

App note: 3D cell panel screens for drug discovery

Screening compounds across a panel of 200 cell lines in a spheroid format shows the benefits of parallel 2D and 3D primary screening, and demonstrates the use of patient-derived organoids as a powerful secondary screening tool.