Arrayed screening service

Quality results, right the first time.

  • Benefit from shorter assay time points (48-144 hrs)
  • Choose from a variety of multiple and multiplexed readouts
  • Extend your repertoire of growth models (e.g. 3D, co-culture)
  • Receive simple readouts or multiparametric HCA

Screening libraries - do it yourself

Choose from CRISPR, CRISPRa, RNAi, or cDNA/ORF, pooled and arrayed formats.

Or for flexibility create custom libraries.

Dedicated team for each arrayed screening project

Oncology Project Leadership, large biotech, two parallel whole-genome screens

"Horizon Discovery scientists were diligent and highly collaborative, ensuring a successful screen. Thanks again, Horizon."

Synthetic sgRNA libraries

Simplify CRISPR editing in all cell types including primary cells.

  • One-part format
  • Editing success using proprietary Edit-R™ design algorithm
  • In predesigned gene families, pathways or cherry-pick custom formats

Synthetic crRNA libraries

Flexibility built in.

Choose from arrayed pre-designed or custom designs for rapid loss-of-function studies.

  • Algorithm-designed crRNAs
  • Human and mouse gene families
  • Pathways of interest

Featured article - arrayed screens

Highlights flexibility of arrayed screens’ phenotypic readouts.

'A multiparametric, high-content, arrayed CRISPR screen for cell cycle regulators'

App note: crRNA arrayed screen

Learn the benefits of chemically synthesized guide RNAs for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

  • Obtain accurate CRISPR libraries
  • Enable screens in an arrayed, one-gene-per-well fashion