Pooled T cell screening

Undercover novel genes modulating lymphocytes
  • Identify therapeutic targets by a systematic gene exploration.
  • Understand specific gene roles in a CRISPR-based functional screening immune setting.
  • Assess compound mode of action in a CRISPR-modulated immune in-vitro model.

Arrayed T cell screening

Identify functionally relevant gene targets
  • Investigate gene roles in a CRISPR-modulated immune set-up.
  • Assess compound mode of action in a CRISPR-modulated immune in vitro model.
  • Uncover gene-phenotype/cell interactions and study their effects on T cell behavior.

Immune cell-based assays

Evaluate therapeutic efficacy in relevant immune cell-based environments
  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction assays
  • Immune suppression assays
  • T cell proliferation assays

Functional genomic screening services

From target selection to patient stratification
  • Identify and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers
  • High-throughput screening in rapid and efficient workflows
  • Orthogonal screening approaches available

What we deliver

Peace of mind your project is in good hands
  • Consultation with our specialist team to define screen goals and scope
  • Key findings and conclusions
  • Data reports with graphs of key data metrics, raw data, quality metrics, & analyzed data with hit calling

Assessing the epigenetics of T cell exhaustion using CRISPR screens

An interview with Dr. Verena Brucklacher-Waldert, Cell Based Screening Manger, on the epigenetics of T cell exhaustion including:

  • The fundamental concepts behind T cell exhaustion and how to investigate the mechanisms.
  • How this is applied to CAR-T cell therapies and the next generation of therapies.
  • The challenges with working with primary immune cells and how to overcome them.
Cell engineering and screening services ebook