Compound screening immune cell service - ImmuSignatureTM

Standardized assays to provide rapid data from primary immune cells

Assess therapeutic immunogenicity with optimized compound screening assays

Therapeutic lead optimization is a critical and challenging step in your drug development that’s often a complex and time-consuming procedure, especially when assessing primary immune cells. Primary immune cell screening assays can answer the screened compound's behavior in an in-vitro simulated immune microenvironment, helping move hits into high-quality leads.

Our suite of ImmuSignatureTM immune cell screening standardized assays have been specifically developed and validated to provide data for your compound screen from 4 weeks. By working with immunology experts to provide consistent, relevant, and robust high-throughput outputs you can free up time and gain the confidence to move your therapeutic forward.

ImmuSignatureTM screening platform features

  • Extensive primary immune cell QCExtensive primary immune cell QC
  • Statistically robust data setsStatistically robust data sets
  • Multiple physiological readoutsMultiple physiological readouts
  • Leveraging HTRF technologyLeveraging HTRF® technology
  • Miniaturized semi-automated 384 well platformMiniaturized semi-automated 384 well platform
  • Fast analysis of therapeuticsFast analysis of therapeutics

Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay

Rapidly identify agents that modulate APC-mediated T cell activation. Assay your biologics or small molecules in high-throughput
  • T cell activation by monocyte derived dendritic cell assay
  • Optimized multiplex compound screening
  • Applicable for immuno-oncology, autoimmunity, and drug safety applications

T Cell Activation (TCA) assay

Isolates the effect of compounds that promote or block cell proliferation and T-cell activity Rapid semi-automated and reproducible high throughput assay format
  • Highly enriched human primary T cells from multiple donors
  • Designed for biologics or small molecule drugs
  • Robust quantitative data

iTreg Suppression assay

Efficiently identify therapeutic candidate that influence the suppression of T effector cells through high-throughput screening
  • 6 week project completion time
  • Specifically designed for immuno-oncology and autoimmunity
  • Semi-automated 384-well high throughput format 

iTreg Polarization assay

Assess the impairment of T Lymphocyte regulatory cells and the effectiveness of therapeutic candidates

  • 4 week project completion time
  • Semi-automated 384-well high throughput format 
  • Highly enriched human primary T cells from multiple donors

Immune cell compound screening compendium

Pulling together four standardized services centered around T cells, read the data behind the ImmuSignatureTM assays that deliver high-throughput functional data on the effect of your therapeutic in an in vitro model.  

Strengthening investigational new drug applications with a mixed lymphocyte reaction assay

Increase the likelihood of rapidly moving therapeutic candidates into clinical trials with this whitepaper on assessing candidates immunogenicity and how a mixed lymphocyte reaction assay can play an important role in the process.