Identify new targets for drug discovery using Horizon’s siRNA screening capabilities and isogenic cell line panels

We use in-house robotics-assisted liquid handling to prepare our library assay plates and are able to manage the high-throughput screening in a rapid and efficient workflow. This same infrastructure is also valuable in secondary screening and target validation, allowing us to explore orthologous approaches to validate hits, and to simultaneously progress a large number of promising targets.

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Why use our siRNA screening platform

  • To identify synthetic lethal targets
  • To help with target identification and validation
  • To reveal resistance mechanisms
  • To aid patient stratification

Summary Horizon's druggable genome siRNA library


The siRNA screening platform

  • Curated library of approximately 2000 siGENOME SMARTpool reagents
  • Subsets of the libraries or custom libraries are also available
  • Each cell line is optimised for growth conditions and transfection efficiency
  • Robotic liquid handling used to generate barcoded 384-well library plates
  • Cells reverse transfected with high throughput plate processing
  • Endpoint viability assessed (e.g. Hoechst staining)
  • Secondary screens (target validation) which use smaller libraries can be performed in 3D or in hypoxic conditions

siRNA screen data using an isogenic cell line pair. The hits (circled) are potential synthetic lethal hits and were subject to secondary deconvolution screening.

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