Custom cell panel screens

Over 10 years experience in compound screening and dose matrix models

Tailored projects delivering reliable data and exceptional service

We aim to meet your unique requirements for experimental design and analysis output, while exceeding service expectations with our "white-gloved" approach.

  • Consult with your dedicated project team to define project scope timelines
  • Receive frequent and regular status updates
  • Obtain comprehensive, in-depth analysis of results

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Custom drug screening poster

Poster: Custom drug screening

See how combination drug screens helped discover agents resulting in enhanced efficacy in pre-clinical models of multiple myeloma.

'ATL313, A Potent, and Selective A2A Agonist as a Novel Drug Candidate for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma'

Screen in physiologically relevant 3D models

Perform drug screens 200 cell lines from our OncoSignature™ library grown in 3D spheroids.

Combine with apoptosis assays

Rapidly screen agents on their capacity of inducing cell apoptosis in a broad panel of cell types.

Custom screening options

  • Select from over 650 cancer cell lines or 4000+ isogenic mutant and wild type cell pairs
  • Bench-marking against a choice of over 350 standard-of-care drugs
  • Flexible options: dose matrix format, assay endpoints, drug sequencing and environmental conditions, 2D versus 3D models
  • Identify molecular features responsive to your therapeutic
  • Interpretative report or combination analysis

Also available

Enhancer Screening

Look for selective pipeline candidate enhancers, approved therapeutics, emerging targeted agents and molecular probes.


Enhancer Screening Diagram 1


Pairwise Screening

Identify novel synergistic combinations of pipeline candidates, emerging targeted agents, and approved drugs.