Transcriptional profiling of individual cells

Pooled CRISPR screening service with single-cell transcriptome readout. The single cell approach to research and drug discovery.

CRISPR screening followed by single-cell analysis (CRISPRsc) provides critical gene information on how cellular subpopulations will respond to any treatment.
CRISPRsc enables an unbiased examination of critical genes involved in a phenotypic outcome within a heterogenous cell population, such as a tumor or group of cells at different temporal points in a pathway.  This supports greater understanding of differences in cellular responses and subpopulation structure.

Single-cell CRISPR screens

  • Perform high-throughput screens
  • Generate ultra-rich whole-transcriptome readouts per perturbation
  • Distinguish cell subpopulation gene responses to perturbation

Use single-cell CRISPR screens to:

  • Study variation in cellular differentiation pathways
  • Characterize cell subpopulations
  • Clearly identify gene interactions and networks
  • Understand differences in cell responses to a treatment

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CRISPRsc workflow

CRISPRsc identifies pathways affecting treatment response

CRISPRsc provides a new and powerful approach to quickly identify the genetic interactions that underlie a treatment response. Read our application note to learn more.

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