Bioproduction cell line engineering services

Optimize biomanufacturing performance with a custom engineered host cell line

Developing biotherapeutics?

Partner with Horizon for custom editing of bioproduction cell lines to meet your specific manufacturing needs for protein and viral vector therapeutics.


Over 10 years expertise in gene editing

Horizon has a proven track record in the use of engineered cell lines for biotherapeutic manufacturing, with >25 regulatory filings to date in multiple territories including US, EU, China, Australia and more.

Our dedicated bioproduction cell line engineering team uses a state-of-the-art CRISPR-based platform to deliver your cell line editing requirements with high precision and speed.


Freedom to operate

We offer full freedom to operate without intellectual property or patent risks. Engineered cell lines are provided for Research or Commercial use, without additional licenses required from third parties.


Built in flexibility

Editing services are available in established Horizon cell lines (CHOSOURCE) or any other cell hosts provided by customers. Simply choose your cells and the type of genome editing required and we will take care of the rest.

  • CHO, HEK293 cells and more
  • Knock-in gene editing – Introduce new genes or landing pads
  • Knockout gene editing – Knock out multiple genes

Functional validation of engineered cell lines is available upon request.


Trusted, trackable data

Receive fully documented history for all commercial cell lines, compliant with regulatory guidelines for IND/CTA filings.


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Bioproduction cell line engineering service workflow