CHOSOURCE™ ADCC+ cell line

Glycoengineered for enhanced therapeutic antibody efficacy

Horizon's newest CHOSOURCE cell line eliminates the cell’s natural fucosylation activity to increase therapeutic antibody efficacy and potency. Elimination of core fucose on the Fc N-glycan of antibodies enhances antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) activity of immune effector cells by increasing antibody binding to the FcγRIIIa receptor present on effector cells.


Afucosylated antibody benefits:

  • Increase therapeutic efficacy of antibodies for use in oncology, infectious and autoimmune diseases
  • Improve drug potency and expand the therapeutic window
  • Reduce dosage requirements and undesirable side effects of your therapeutic antibody treatments


Why use CHOSOURCE ADCC+ cell line from Horizon?

  • Proven track record with existing CHOSOURCE GS KO cell line
  • Over 100+ licenses and multiple regulatory filings worldwide
  • Adaptable platform - can be successfully used with:
    • CHOSOURCE TnT transposon technology and other vector systems 
    • Many medias, feeds, and processes
  • Non-royalty bearing with no license tie-ins to specific vendors, technologies, or service providers

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CHOSOURCE GS KO Expression Platform

Streamline your manufacturing process and improve production to accelerate your biotherapeutic pipeline

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CHOSOURCE ADCC+ Cell Line Whitepaper

Exploring how next-generation genome editing tools can drive the success of monoclonal antibodies as biotherapeutics and the considerations to take for designing more potent therapeutic antibodies. 
CHOSOURCE™ ADCC+ cell line


Discover how the CHOSOURCE ADCC+ cell line increases Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) making it a valuable tool in the production of biotherapeutics for Oncology, Anti-infectives and Auto-immune diseases.