CHOSOURCE™ expression platform

Drive efficiencies during development & production

The CHOSOURCE™ expression platform enables rapid identification of clones expressing high levels of recombinant therapeutic protein during development of a stable cell line.
Flexible licensing terms ensure this high-performance platform is easily accessible to meet the demands of cost-effective biomanufacturing.


Why choose CHOSOURCE™ expression platform?

Industry standard with a proven track record

  • Easy-to-use CHOSOURCE GS knockout cells have been widely adopted for bioproduction/manufacturing
  • More than 100 CHOSOURCE licenses sold worldwide since 2016 launch
  • Over 60 regulatory filings submitted globally since 2018
  • Ability to reach high expression levels – customers routinely report > 5 g/L with different molecules
  • Full cell line history

Truly adaptable platform

  • Validated with different feeds, media, processes, molecules and vector technologies
  • Flexible, attractive pricing to suit your needs
  • Widely used Glutamine Synthetase (GS) selection is the gold standard for selection systems

Dedicated Horizon team

  • Accessible sales, licensing and scientific support teams to simplify purchase and setup
  • Extensive expertise using the platform to drive advancements in your pipeline


The CHOSOURCE expression platform consists of:

  • CHOSOURCE GS knockout cell line
    Well established, cGMP manufactured robust Glutamine Synthetase knockout CHO-K1 cell line produced using precision rAAV technology
  • Dual promoter expression vector
    Enables expression of an entire mAb from a single vector
  • Comprehensive protocols and post-sales scientific support
  • Cell line history package to support regulatory submissions
    Fully documented traceable history of R&D and manufacture of the CHOSOURCE GS KO cell line

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CHOSOURCE GS KO Expression Platform

Streamline your manufacturing process and improve production to accelerate your biotherapeutic pipeline


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Discover how the CHOSOURCE ADCC+ cell line increases Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) making it a valuable tool in the production of biotherapeutics for Oncology, Anti-infectives and Auto-immune diseases.