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Empowering biotherapeutic production


Improve your biotherapeutic manufacturing program with an engineered cell line. Horizon offers a number of solutions to maximize bioproduction yields – from the CHOSOURCE platform to our custom CHO cell engineering services.

CHOSOURCE™ expression platform

Accelerate cell line development & meet demands for cost-effective biomanufacturing The CHOSOURCE expression platform offers improved biotherapeutic manufacturing capabilities via our CHO-K1 GS knockout cell line.

CHOSOURCE™ ADCC+ cell line

Increase therapeutic antibody efficacy and potency with a CHOSOURCE cell line that eliminates the cell's natural fucosylation activity.  With over 100+ licenses and filings access our ADCC+ cell line and improve your therapeutic antibody treatments.

CHOSOURCE™ TnT transposon technology

Simplifying cell line development and enabling acceleration of biologic development programs With our TnT transposon technology that consists of the TnT transposon vector and TnT transposase, you can redefine your biotherapeutic development and manufacturing workflows.

Bioproduction cell line engineering services

Optimize biomanufacturing performance with a custom engineered host cell line Our expert cell line engineering team offers custom editing of bioproduction cell lines to meet specific manufacturing needs.

What can CHOSOURCE do for you?

A three-part case study with our satisfied customers See how Elanco, Jounce Therapeutics, and Just-Evotech Biologics optimized their biotherapeutic workflows using CHOSOURCE.

Read our New White Paper in collaboration with CERGENTIS

Efficient multiplexed targeted gene editing as a strategy to generate improved CHO host cell lines for biotherapeutic manufacturing applications

The CHO cell line podcast

From reliable workhorse to state-of-the-art protein powerhouse Podcast produced by Cell Culture Dish with Professor Alan Dickson, Department of Biotechnology, University of Manchester

Video: The CHOSOURCE™ expression platform for advanced bioproduction

Learn how the CHO-K1 GS knockout expression platform enables rapid identification of clones expressing high levels of recombinant therapeutic protein during development of a stable cell line. 
New CHOSOURCE CHO-Ki ADCC+ Cell Line - Inquire for details