Reveal the efficacy of your compounds or biologics as single agents or in combination across 300 cancer cell lines, in just 4 months.

The 2D OncoSignature™ drug discovery screening service profiles your compounds or biologics of interest as single or combination therapies:

  • Study drug response by identifying sensitive and resistant cells
  • Aid patient stratification for your drug candidate or drug combination
  • Speed drug development by identifying drug combinations
  • Identify combination interactions with our proprietary Chalice™ software
Our 2D OncoSignature Service includes:
  • Screen across a diverse, clinically relevant 300 cell line panel or a more focused, tissue-specific panel such as lung, lymphoma, head & neck, or breast
  • Access to a library of over 350 standard of care compounds
  • Cell lines grown in vendor-recommended media
  • 10 point, 3-fold dilution for single compounds
  • 9x9 full dose response matrix for compounds in combination
  • 72, 96, 120, or 144 h treatment times
  • Growth Inhibition measured by ATP levels

To learn more about our 2D OncoSignature™ Cell Panel Screening Service, view the 2D OncoSignature™ Poster.

In your 2D OncoSignature™ report you'll receive:

Single Agents


Dose response curve

Dose matrix

Doubling time

Model scores including Synergy Score, Loewe Volume Score, Bliss Volume Score, and ~5 additional combination models, generated with our proprietary Chalice™ software

IC50 and GI50

Maximum response and more

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