CRISPR Knockout Screening

Complete loss of gene expression with CRISPR knockout services

Benefit from over 10 years of expertise in CRISPR genome editing service to produce a highly reliable and efficient CRISPR knockout screen that enables you to identify drug targets and probe gene function

Horizon’s CRISPR KO screening service uses a high-performance all-in-one vector system to generate complete loss of gene expression. A fully optimized screening platform, sophisticated bioinformatics analysis, and multiple ready-made and custom libraries, allows you to receive the right reliable data to advance your drug

CRISPR KO screening service

CRISPR Knockout screening allows for a complete loss of gene expression approach to provide the maximal window for phenotypic effect and high statistical power for hit discovery. By utilizing the combination of bacterial CRISPR associated Cas9 nuclease and pooled short guide RNA (sgRNA) efficient complete knock-outs are generated with high on-target specificity.

CRISPR KO applications

Enabling you to:

  • Identify and prioritize drug targets
  • Find genes required for cell viability, drug sensitivity or resistance
  • Guide patient selection for clinical trial
  • Identify targets or pathways for potential combination therapies)
Horizon’s CRISPR KO platform

Our CRISPR knockout screening platform has been developed and optimized for over 10 years to become the industry leading, highly sophisticated platform of choice. Through its use of our all-in-one vector system, our CRISPR KO system offers improved performance in a rapid workflow (Cross et al, 2016), from cell line section and optimization through to bioinformatics analysis of screen results. The service offers:

  • Both pooled lentiviral and arrayed synthetic reagent options
  • Off-the shelf sgRNA libraries or custom designed
  • Cell surface, Signalling & Metabolic
  • Deubiquitinases & Drug Targets
  • Kinases & DNA Damage Response
  • Epigenetics & Autophagy
  • Whole genome library leveraging the Edit-R™ algorithm designs
  • Cell line(s) from a pre-optimized cell line list or cell line evaluation prior to the screen
  • Customizable screen design and readout options
  • Next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis with hit nominations
  • Project timeline of 12-20 weeks

CRISPR KO platform deliverables:

  • A list of genes of which inhibition/activation alters response to the compound of interest
  • A final report containing experimental design, all raw & analyzed data and conclusions of the study

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CRISPR KO case study data

crispr ko graph


Ranking of screen hits by the MAGeCK hit calling algorithm. On the y-axis, genes are ranked by robust ranking aggregation values for their enrichment after Vemurafenib treatment. In addition, the mean log2-fold change of sgRNAs targeting the same gene are plotted on the x-axis.

CRISPR KO application note

Read our CRISPR knockout application note showing how CRISPR-Cas9 screening can be used for target identification

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