Screening possibilities across all research areas

Pooled Phenotypic CRISPR screening is a powerful and highly adpatable method to interrogate the phenotypic consequences of gene loss with a high-throughput genomics-based strategy.


Horizon’s Pooled Phenotypic CRISPR screening platform uses high-throughput FACS to determine cell phenotypes based on a biomarker signal. This can be via immunostaining approaches or by using fluorescence-linked reporter cell systems and can be used to explore cell surface, intracellular or even secreted biomarkers.

Our platform allows for the identification of genes interacting within complex biomarker responses and can therefore also be used at multiple steps within your drug discovery pipeline.

The Benefits of FACS-based Phenotypic Screening

In contrast to proliferation-linked screening (where the analysis is of sgRNA abundance in surviving cell populations), Pooled Phenotypic CRISPR screening allows for the examination of phenotypes where cellular pathophysiology is uncoupled from cell health.

Our platform can be used to study a wide variety of experimental paradigms and disease areas, and our team of experts will be able to help guide the experimental design to maximise data quality.

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