Standard iTreg Polarization Assay Specifications and Readouts

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TRP workflow

Service description Number of suitable compounds Catalog Number
Standard iTreg Polarization Assay - Mini 1 to 5 IMM04-01
Standard iTreg Polarization Assay - Midi 6 to 11 IMM04-02
Standard iTreg Polarization Assay - Maxi 12 to 17 IMM04-03

Standard iTreg polarization assay readouts and cloud-based data report
  • T cell viability
  • T cell phenotyping for:CD25, CD127 and Foxp3
  • 9 points compound dose response (8 dilutions + vehicle)
  • Data points set of quadruplicates
  • 3-fold dilution range
  • All plotted data and raw data files are provided
  • Table of EC50s
  • Quality control data for cell isolation cells and internal assay controls

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Representative data of the iTreg polarization assay

Representative data of the iTreg polarization assay

A) Optimization of naïve CD4+ T cell polarizing condition in the 384-well plate format. Data represent quadruplicate technical repeats cultured from three donors. B) Drug-modulated iTreg polarization by GSK1059615 during polarization reduced the expression of Foxp3. Flow cytometry data represent naïve T cells cultured from 3 donors in quadruplicate replicates. C) Viability assessment of cells treated with GSK1059615 in the iTreg polarization assay.

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