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Compound screening by Mo-DC: T cell reactivity

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Horizon’s Standard MLR assay services

Send us your biologics or small molecules, and our proven method will analyze its effects on multiple endpoints from multiple allogeneic donors. We designed optimised 3-fold dose response of 8 points testing up to 16 compounds from a single set of primary cells.

  • Short project completion – from 4 weeks
  • Donor-donor reproducibility
  • Robust data pack


Standard MLR assay read-outs

The data you will get include:

  • Interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) cytokine release
  • T cell viability
  • T cell proliferation by flow cytometry of:
    • % CTV of CD4+
    • % CTV of CD8+
    • % CD25


Our cloud-based data report include

  • Cell quality control metrics
  • Assay performance QC
  • Response curves plots
  • Raw Data and Metadata


Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction assay workflow


Service description Number of suitable compounds Catalog Number
Standard MLR assay - Mini  1 to 4 IMM01-01
Standard MLR assay - Midi  5 to 10 IMM01-02
Standard MLR assay - Maxi  11 to 16 IMM01-03

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