Pin-point™ Base Editing Services
is now part of Revvity’s portfolio

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Pin-point™ Base Editing Services enable multiple genes of interest to be targeted simultaneously, efficiently, and accurately.

Pin-point™ base editing services for precise, controlled changes in target sequences to help advance your research and therapeutic development toward the clinic. By accessing services that utilize Pin-point base editing, you can improve cell viability and survival over traditional CRISPR technologies. Making systematic changes to gene sequences means you can effectively evaluate protein function, assess drug-gene interactions, and design optimal targets for amino acid modification and gene knockouts.

Functional genomic screening with the Pin-point base editing platform

Our platform provides a controlled evaluation of amino acid changes and/or the introduction of premature stop codons in a precise manner. Screens can be used to tile guide RNAs across an entire gene sequence to generate precise C-to-T mutations. T his information can then be used to select the best guide RNA(s) for potential therapeutic applications, identify critical amino acids in structure-function analysis, or to test ligand binding relationships in drug candidate screening and confirm target identity.

The Pin-point platform's novel three-part design offers unparalleled flexibility to "mix and match" individual system components, allowing full optimization of each targeted gene edit.

base edit 

Benefits of the Pin-point platform include:

  • Precise edits with clear and predictable mutations
  • Safer for therapeutic use compared to traditional CRISPR
  • No random mutations confounding results
  • High viability for easier hit selection
  • Ideal for sensitive cell lines like iPSCs

The Pin-point platform can be used to:

  • Edit a gene sequence to determine critical amino acids for protein function
  • Edit cells that are typically sensitive to DNA damage in wild type CRISPR studies
  • Create single or multiplex mutations in cell models without the risk of genomic rearrangements

The Pin-point screening platform applications:

  • A pooled lentiviral screening approach
  • Tiled guide RNAs for C-to-T base changes across an entire target sequence
  • Custom guide RNA libraries designed by our team of experts to your gene(s) of interest
  • Next-generation sequencing reporting with bioinformatic analysis and hit nominations