Model Generation

Obtain reproducible models

Custom mice and rat model generation

In as few as 4 months a dedicated custom model generation specialist team will work with you to design and deliver a genetically engineered animal model to your exact specifications, using our CRISPR-Cas9* or Zinc Finger Nuclease technologies**.

Offering constitutive knockouts, conditional knockouts, humanized, point mutations and reporter tagging.

*licensed by The Broad Institute, ERS Genomics and Harvard

**licensed by Sigma-Aldrich

Case studies

Insights into our model generation capabilities.

Custom model project types - CRISPR-Cas9

Models generated faster using CRISPR-Cas9.

Without background strain limitation.

Utilizing licensed CRISPR (The Broad Institute, ERS and Harvard).

Custom model project types - Zinc finger nuclease (ZFN)

Flexible options for gene knockout, gene replacement or integration.

Utilizing licensed ZFN technology (Sigma-Aldrich)


Learn more about the technical aspects of custom animal models generated using CRISPR.

'CRISPR-created animal models: The technical lowdown'