Custom drug combination screening allows you to tailor a project to answer your specific questions and provides more flexibility than a standard offering, such as the OncoSignature screen. Our scientific team will work closely with you to discuss experimental design and screening format(s) best suited to be cost-effective, match your budget and optimize success of your project.

Custom Screens

  • Cell lines selected from >800 cell line collection
  • isogenic mutant and wild type cell pairs are also available for screening
  • Flexibility with respect to dose matrix format, assay endpoints, drug sequencing and treatment times
  • Dedicated project manager with regular transfer of data
  • Interpretive report detailing statistical analysis of combination results and analysis of results based upon the mechanistic class of partner molecules

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Custom Screening Types
Enhancer Screening
  • Focused study looking at selective enhancers of pipeline candidates, approved therapeutics, emerging targeted agents and molecular probes.
  • 1-2 customer compounds in combination with a 100-200 oncocentric compound library.

Enhancer Screening Diagram 1

Pairwise Screening
  • A collection of compounds is screened with every other compound in the collection.
  • Identification of novel synergistic combinations of pipeline candidates, emerging targeted agents, and approved drugs.
  • Example: 10 either approved or emerging drugs for a particular indication plus the customers lead molecule. Pairwise screening would assess all of the agents in combination and provide the customer information about how their drug behaves when combined with other drugs used.


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