Develop and expand your CRISPR high-throughput screening capabilities with our arrayed service

Find targets faster
  • Know the genes of interest at the beginning of the screen
  • Benefit from shorter assay time points (48-144 hrs)
  • Choose from a variety of multiple and multiplexed readouts
  • Extend your repertoire of growth models (e.g. 3D, co-culture)

Our arrayed CRISPR service increases the types of phenotypic readouts that you can obtain.

Have access to high-throughput screens using our synthetic crRNA libraries to further your studies!

Benefit from using our arrayed synthetic crRNA screening service.


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How it works
  • Carried out in 96- or 384-well plates
  • Cas-9 expressing stable cell lines can be used or the Cas9 protein and crRNA:tracrRNA can be delivered as a RNP
  • Each well of plates contains a unique crRNA
  • Cell treatment is added to each well individually to find phenotype of interest


Want to carry out your own screens?
Arrayed CRISPRa crRNA for gene activation

Explore our range of predesigned synthetic guide RNA for over-expression of human and mouse genes using CRISPR activation.

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Build your own custom library

Choose from our predesigned synthetic product lines of siRNA, microRNA, and crRNA reagents.

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