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Compound screening by complement activation on cell lines

When time is crucial in developing new drugs, take advantage of the semi-automation technologies offered in our standard assay services.
From planning and execution to data analysis, we have the expertise to move your project forward.
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Horizon's standard CDC assay services

Pick and choose cells from the OncoSignature™ panel during a consultation with our scientists, who can help guide you to the cell panel that best suits your needs.

Standard base project: 

  • 2 compounds per cell line (control IgG included)
  • Rituximab in Raji cells as an assay control

Standard CDC assay read-outs 

  • Part 1: percentage of calcein retention per cell line
  • Part 2: percentage cell lysis by fluorescence of released calcein per compound/cell line
    •  Assay run in quadruplicate
    • 9 point dose response (8 dilutions plus vehicle)
    • 3 or 4-fold dilution range

Our cloud-based data report includes:

  • Cell quality control metrics
  • Assay performance QC - Raji + Rituximab
  • Results summary
    •  Cell growth characteristics 
    • Calcein retention assessment
    • CDC assay
  • EC50 values and annotated readout
  • Raw Data and Metadata


Service description Number of suitable compounds Catalog Number
Calcein release assessment  Up to 5 cell lines IMM02-01
Standard CDC assay - Base plate  2 compounds per one cell line IMM02-02
Standard CDC assay - Additional plate  Up to 20 compounds in up to 5 cell lines IMM02-03

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