A one-stop service for gene editing and complex assays in a relevant cellular micro-environment. Understand the critical roles of B cells, including regulatory B cells (Bregs), in modulating immune responses, tumor responses and/or in auto-immune disorders.
Identify genes that, when knocked out, affect the B cell function. Identify genes in B cells that, when knocked out, affect the function of another immune cell

What our service includes

  • Gene editing of human stimulated B cells
  • In an arrayed format with synthetic crRNA-tracrRNA guides
  • Standard screen includes 50 genes per donor or customized functional screens
  • Option to co-culture the edited cells with other immune cells
  • Data delivery between 14-18 weeks

Gene editing and screens in T cells

Interested in co-culture of edited B cells and T cells?

We offer a comprehensive service to help you study both adaptive and innate immune systems.

With follow-up analysis of:

  • Cytotoxicity
  • Immune suppression
  • T cell proliferation

Breg-cell screens

At the Keystone Symposium - B Cell Renaissance: Epigenetics, Regulation and Immunotherapy in 2020, we presented about CRISPR edited Breg screens and the suppressive effects of edited Breg on T cells in a poster entitled:

Arrayed CRISPRko screening in primary human regulatory B cells

Immune cell-based assays

Can be performed with any CRISPR & RNAi screening project.

Choose from:

  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Immune suppression assays
  • T cell proliferation assays