Standard cell panel screen - 2D OncoSignature™

Identify sensitive and resistant cell lines
  • Pre-selected cancer cell lines (Horizon's library)
  • Single therapeutic drug screening or combination drug screening
  • Growth inhibition measure by ATP levels

Long-term cell panel screen – 2D OncoSignature™

Identify slow acting and epigenetic targets
  • 10-days assay format
  • Large panel of 248 cancer cell lines
  • Single or combination studies
  • Growth inhibition measured by ATP levels

Large scale drug combination screening: Finding the needle in the haystack

On demand webinar, Learn about our cell panel screening platform and its application for large scale oncology drug combination screening

HTRF Assay – 2D OncoSignature™

Identify sensitive and resistant cell lines

  • Over 350+ HTRF assay kits
  • Large panel of 300 cancer cell lines
  • Single or combination therapeutics
  • Intracellular and secreted analytes

App note: Compound screening in BRCA2 (-/-) cell lines

Isogenic cells are a powerful and relevant tool for therapeutic discovery and development.

View our results from:

  • Colony forming assay
  • Proliferation assay

Matrix combination screens

Find out the benefits of drug combination screening and how it helps improve cancer therapies.

Reveal the anti-proliferative signature of your drug

Use Horizon's screening services to identify sensitive or resistant cell lines to your drug 

'Horizon's OncoSignature HT screening platform for the prediction of anticancer drug sensitivity'

The importance of combination therapy for modern cancer treatments

Combination drug therapy is fundamental in cancer treatments for increased efficacy and reducing resistance. Read this whitepaper on how using a high-throughput, phenotypic combination screen can help make informed decisions to select the most promising candidate

The impact of pan-KRAS inhibitors on cancer drug discovery

'We included data generated by Horizon as part of this Nature publication because they have consistently provided high quality, actionable data that we trust, and we look forward to continuing our work with them.'

Read a review of the paper showing how cell panel screening was used to shed light on the development of a new class of Pan-KRAS inhibitors and their potential impact on cancer drug discovery

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